About Ivybold Jewelry

“Handpicked jewelry pieces that last. From the bold to the dainty. All pieces are carefully curated and selected by yours truly.”

Ivybold Jewelry

Make a statement, be bold

Nice to see you here! I’m Eva, a 26-year-old from The Netherlands and the owner of Ivybold. I’m a web developer with a great passion for lasting fashionable jewelry and interior!

Est. 2019

The Story

Did you know that Ivybold started out of pure frustration with jewelry? Crazy right! Over the years I grew really attached to my pure gold jewelry pieces I got from family members. I would never take them off and, they stayed as beautiful as ever, but sometimes you just want something new.

So I went out, bought some new (cheap) jewelry, only to turn green within a week of wear. Was this really what affordable jewelry was about? I was so disappointed! Eventually I researched products and materials and decided I wanted to provide to others what I had missed. I wanted to create a place where you can purchase nice, lasting, and affordable jewelry (and take into account the environment while I’m at it!).

Gathering amazing jewelry pieces turned into my next project and passion and I built myself a webshop to start selling it!

And that’s where it’s at right now. Affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly jewelry carefully curated for you! I offer a range of items from statement pieces to dainty gems.

I really hope you stick around for the ride and find something you like. Feel free to follow my socials, ask me questions, and provide me with feedback. I value your experience and opinion!

Lots of love,

The Ethics.

My core values are you and your experience with Ivybold. All jewelry pieces are carefully selected with durability in mind while also being nice to the environment along the way.

Curated with love

Curated with love

Every piece on Ivybold is handpicked by me. If I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't sell it!

Long lasting

Long lasting

Quality and durability is something that's very important to me. All pieces are made with materials that last.

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

I care about our planet, that's why all packaging is sustainable and made with eco-friendly materials.